Contact Centre DeciBot

Empower Your Call Centre with Advanced Generative AI


A Tailored Generative AI Solution to Transform Your Call Centre

DeciBot is a cutting-edge Generative AI solution specifically designed to enhance call centre operations.

By leveraging the latest in AI technology, this tool enables call centre agents to respond to client inquiries with unprecedented speed and accuracy, providing essential documentation that accelerates service delivery at critical moments.

Experience a significant boost in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

WHAT IS DeciBot?

DeciBot is built upon a foundation of your organisational data, allowing for a deep integration that significantly reduces customer wait times and enhances operational efficiency.

This AI-driven chatbot interfaces seamlessly with your contact centre knowledge base, enabling both agents and customers to access vital information quickly, thereby streamlining communication processes.

Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT)

Equips contact centre agents with instant access to the right information, reducing the time spent per customer interaction.

Continuous Learning

Incorporates foundation model monitoring and user feedback mechanisms like up/down voting to continually refine response accuracy.

Customisable Interface

Features a custom front-end web application tailored for seamless integration into your organisational ecosystem.


High Customer Wait Times

Traditional systems often require agents to navigate through extensive databases manually, leading to longer wait times.

Inconsistent Information Delivery

Agents might provide varying information if not updated regularly, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Scalability During Peak Hours

Scaling support during high traffic periods can be costly and inefficient without automation.

Agent Training and Turnover

High turnover rates and the continuous need for training new agents can strain resources.

How DeciBot Helps

Immediate Access to Information

By integrating directly with your contact centre’s knowledge base, DeciBot provides instant responses significantly reducing customer wait times.

Consistency Across Interactions

Ensures that all agents, regardless of their individual experience levels, provide consistent and accurate information.

Efficient Scaling

AI capabilities allow you to handle increased load during peak times without the need for proportional increases in human resources.

Reduced Training Requirements

With the AI handling common queries, new agents can get up to speed faster and focus on more complex customer needs.

Built on Reliable Technology

Robust Infrastructure for Enhanced Query Handling

Our solution is built on AWS, utilizing state-of-the-art Large Language Model technology from Anthropic Claude Instant for Q&A, paired with Amazon Titan Text Embeddings for sophisticated data embedding. This robust infrastructure ensures that our solution is both scalable and secure, catering specifically to the dynamic needs of contact centres.


Get Started with DeciBot

Are you ready to revolutionise your contact centre’s efficiency and customer service quality? Reach out to explore how the DeciBot can make a difference in your organisation.

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