Human and AI: How Can We Find the Winning Pair?

by | Mar 18, 2024 | AI

For decades, science fiction has depicted a future where artificial intelligence (AI) reigns supreme. But in the real world, a different story is unfolding.

The most exciting advancements are emerging not from a competition between humans and machines, but from their powerful collaboration. The question now becomes: how do we forge the winning human-AI partnership?

In today’s edition of Let’s Talk, our experts delve into the strategies that unlock the true potential of this dynamic duo.

“The topic infers a one-to-one relationship between a human and an AI bot but I foresee our augmented selves following the pattern of human relationships and having many AI partners. We are social creatures and forge symbiotic relationships;  mutualism, both parties benefit; commensalism, one benefits without harming the other; and parasitism, one benefits at the expense of the other.

“Today, in the absence of AI sentience, our relationship is commensalism. As humans we stand to gain more than an AI bot in the relationship, but over time this may change as innovation accelerates.

Aiden Heke

Aiden Heke

Chief Executive Officer, Decision Inc. Australia

“Thus how we engage with AI will become as important as why and businesses today need to consider this when trying to find the winning AI partnership they’re seeking:

  1. Is it an advisor, is it a digital work support colleague or is it a friendly ear? Choose where you need help and if AI can help
  2. Getting the best out of AI Partnerships will be nuanced and take precise deliberate input, much like human interactions
  3. Helping your AI Partner better understand you, your business and your needs will improve its effectiveness over time. You will need to continue to invest in the partnership

“Ultimately as AI represents a form of human intelligence, with proxied reason, it is no wonder we need to use much of the same strategies for human relationship success.”

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Extract taken from Dynamic Business

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